Subject: Re: not there yet Re: IA64?
To: Brad Spencer <>
From: Rick Kelly <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 01/12/2003 18:38:34
Brad Spencer said:

>Anyway... the reason we heard from him was, more or less, that they were
>unable to make the PA-RISC much faster, a charge leveled against the
>Sparc, also.  Therefore, they only thing to do was to create a new
>processor and since only Intel could do that right now, as that sort of
>thing is a very expensive thing to do.  He then proceeded to explain to us
>how Sun was doomed because they didn't jump on the IA-64 train.

HP sales has been given a mandate that they must sell itanic over everything
else. Fujitsu and Sun are moving along quite well with sparc. The PA-RISC
timeline used to have steps that would have taken it well beyond where
itanic is now. (and the same for Alpha - EV7 blows away itanic)

>The Alpha was nevered mentioned, and since the HP guy hated Sun, nothing
>good was ever said about the Sparc.  A short time after the HP visit, Sun
>visited us and the future of the Sparc seems fine.

See comp.os.vms. Those people are pissed. And the Tru64 users aren't to happy

HP, with the help of Intel, is destroying a huge chunk of the computer
industry. They see the future as windoze and HPUX. And they could well
go under if they can't make a go of itanic. There just ain't much money
in overpriced wintel boxes.
Rick Kelly