Subject: Re: External CD-ROM drive not detecting...
To: Jessica Blank <>
From: Lubos Vrbka <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 01/04/2003 17:30:00
> OK, this is very weird. The generic MacPPC kernel detects my SCSI CD-ROM
> drive, apparently whether or not it has anything in it, and whether or not
> it is the boot device (I CAN boot off of it fine). However, my own
> custom-compiled kernel does not...

did you try to compare your kernel configuration file with the generic one?
there could be something missing. you could also boot the generic kernel and
try using adjustkernel (it's somewhere in the pkgsrc - probably sysutils) to
generate the config file. the generated file may sometimes need your
inspection, but this application helps a lot...