Subject: confused about netbsd versions
To: None <>
From: Felix Zaslavskiy <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 01/01/2003 16:27:49

I am a bit confused and could someone help me get this cleared up.

My goal is to have the most reacent pached up netbsd1.6 release at this
point and i also want to have sources for the libraries available so that
they can be used for debuging purposes. I will be needing to rebuild the
kernel from the source to reconfigure it.  I will also need to be able to
upgrade to 1.7 with the least hastle.

Now my question is this.  The files in are
they the same as /netbsd-release-1.6 ?  Where can i download the latest 1.6
version of sources and binaries ?

The netbsd-current from what i understand is what is going to become 1.7

My system is not in use just now and since i be putting in different
hardrive i think i will just install everything fresh.  What should i do
download the sources for current and build them or is it safe to use the 1.6
as it was released that i still have on CD ?

how is cvs come into play here.  from what i understand it is only for the
current branch.