Subject: PXE boot
To: None <,>
From: Diana Eichert <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 12/27/2002 14:57:44

I decided to tryout the PXE boot stuff on a small format system that I
have.  Keep in mind that this system has NO PS2 mouse or keyboard, only
USB.  I have enabled USB legacy support in the BIOS.  The messages 
I get when I boot my system are:
Keyboard Detected,
USB Legacy Enabled

I have used this system to PXE boot a non-NetBSD via PXEGRUB, so I thought
I'll change my PXE boot loader to NetBSD's pxeboot_ia32.bin and try it
out.  Well I've hit my 1st snag, apparently the USB keyboard is not being

I've typed in the following by hand(gadz)

>> NetBSD/i386 PXE Boot, Revision 1.0
>> ( Sun Sep  8 19:25:34 UTC 2002)
>> Memory: 574/325376 k
Press return to boot now, any other key for boot menu

----> OK, now this is where the fun doesn't start. <----------------------

Starting in 5
----> I hit a key <-----------------------
Starting in 4
----> I hit another key <-----------------------
Starting in 3
----> I hit a couple more keys <-----------------------
Starting in 2
----> I hit a few more keys <-----------------------
Starting in 1
----> I hit the NumLock key and see that it doesn't toggle the light, :-(  <----

----> The system continues on it's merry way attempting to boot <-------
----> I haven't setup the rest of the DHCP process

PXE BIOS Version 2.1
Using PCI device at bus 1 device 1 function 0
pxe0: Ethernet address   00:d0:b7:b5:18:1d
net open: client address:
net open: subnet mask: yyy.yyy.yyy.zzz

----> Anyway I'm sure you get the picture. <------------------------

So the question is, does the NetBSD PXE boot loader not support USB
keyboards?  My limited experience indicates that's the case.