Subject: via CheckPoint FW-1
To: None <>
From: John D Smerdon <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 12/23/2002 13:49:18
When trying to use Mozilla 1.2.1 or MS IE 5.5 to browse I get error messages like "document contains
no data" or "Cannot find server or DNS error".

A packet trace on the Internet side of the firewall shows the
"230-\r\n" response packet is sent along with the rest of the ftp

A packet trace shows a TCP reset from the Check Point FW-1 NG FP2
firewall to the client after the "230-" response packet.

Are there any known issues with Check Point firewalls not working
with the NetBSD FTP server?

Is a "230-\r\n" a valid response or does the ftp response packet
need a "230 and some text\r\n"?

Outside packet trace: -> FTP R port=10207 220 F -> FTP C port=10207 USER anonymous\r\n -> FTP R port=10207 331 Guest login ok, -> FTP C port=10207 PASS mozilla@example -> FTP R port=10207 230-\r\n -> FTP R port=10207     The NetBSD Proje

Inside packet trace: -> FTP Response: 220 F -> FTP Request: USER anonymous -> FTP Response: 331 Guest login ok, -> FTP Request: PASS mozilla@example -> FTP Response: 230- -> TCP 1793 > 21 [ACK] -> TCP 21 > 1793 [RST] 

John D. Smerdon                      jds at
Livonia, Michigan, US