Subject: Re: Idiots guide to serial ports.
To: Dr R.S. Brooks <>
From: Herb Peyerl <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 12/18/2002 05:48:34
"Dr R.S. Brooks" <>  wrote:
 > Perhaps (as I did some time ago) you bought a so-called null-modem cable
 > from your local Maplin shop?  AFAIR, the one I got had *most* of the
 > connections you'd expect, but with one rather important omission:
 > nothing whatsoever connected to DCD at either end!  I returned it as
 > misrepresented goods.

When we were doing documentation for the PC Weasel, we figured we'd
document the cabling. So we buzzed out the null modem cable we had
closest to us and found it didn't match our impression of 'null modem
cable'.  So we rounded up all the ones we had at the office. We also
drove around town and bought one of each 'brand' of null modem cable
and adapter we could find.  Only one place had what we considered to
be a true null modem cable.  But we did manage to find 6 different
renditions of 'null modem', only one of which had DCD connected.

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