Subject: Re: Recommendation on laptops, notebooks or portables for NetBSD.
To: John Fisher <>
From: Bryan P <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 12/17/2002 11:08:53
On the elevated day of Dec 17, John Fisher said:

> I am looking to buy a new laptop or a notebook.  And was hoping that I
> could get some recommendations on some good ones that NetBSD supports
> most or all of the hardware on.  I have been doing as much research as I
> And I would like to know if there is anyone that just bought a brand
> spanking new laptop, notebook or portable and is running NetBSD on it.

I just bought (two months ago) a new HP pavilion zt1230 notebook for USD
$999 ($100 rebate, plus rebate for $50 external USB floppy).  In a
nutshell, this machine is:

256M RAM
14" TFT
integrated 10/100 ethernet

Under NetBSD-current and hand-rolled XF86Config, all hardware and X work
with exception of:

1. haven't tested PCI modem, and don't expect it to work (probably a
2. haven't tried the DVD under NetBSD, though I have heard there is
software which works
3. ACPI support is nascent; I am using the patches posted by Masanori
4. there is S-Video out on the back of this box which lets me use a TV as a
display, and I doubt that works under NetBSD/XFree86 (prove me wrong? :-)

BTW, I am also using USB to PS/2 "Y" cable to connect Kinesis PS/2 keyboard
and Logitech PS/2 trackball and they work fine too.  This machine does not
have a native PS/2 port.

# Software Engineer