Subject: Re: postfix
To: Allen D. Ball <>
From: Rick Kelly <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 12/05/2002 18:33:57
Allen D. Ball said:

>On a stock 1.6 system, to set up a "satellite:"

>* Edit /etc/mailer.conf (see attached).  Note: I left the aliases file in
>the "sendmail" location.

>* Compose a /etc/postfix/ (see attached).  Note: "proton" is the name
>of the host being configured and "neutron" is on the LAN and is my "smart"
>MX host.  The on neutron is more complex but I was able to configure
>it by following the examples in /usr/share/examples/postfix.

>* Fix pathnames in /etc/postfix/  This is necessary on my real
>mail host (neutron) because I run Cyrus IMAP out of pkgsrc and the pathname
>needs to be fixed in

>* Start postfix in /etc/rc.conf.  Add 'postfix=YES'.

>I found this to be basically true, now.

It becomes convoluted in that neither the sendmail nor postfix man page 
mention mailwrapper, etal.

I now have postfix working to deliver the /etc/daily, etc mail to one
particular system. My main reason for using postfix here is that it is
smaller than sendmail, and the system is an IPX.

I've been hacking sendmail .cf files for years, and still see that as better
than the multitude of files that postfix and qmail need to do the same thing.

Rick Kelly