Subject: Re: xmms UI goes comatose all the time
To: Bryan P <>
From: Rich Neswold <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 12/03/2002 21:17:44
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Wasn't it  3-Dec-2002, at 02:43PM, when Bryan P said:
> I am trying to use xmms on NetBSD-current/x86 and having great difficulty
> with the interface.  It seems that the UI stops accepting input events
> (mouse or keyboard) and I then have to kill it from an xterm and start it
> over.  Sometimes it will work for quite a while, but inevitably, certain
> interactions will eventually disconnect the UI.  I have tried up to the
> latest packages for xmms from pkgsrc (built about 15 minutes ago), but it
> makes no difference.
> Any suggestions?

Sorry... I'm only responding to say this happens to me,too (although I'm
running 1.6.)

XMMS will play songs for a while. When it switches to a new song, there's a
small chance that it'll get stuck. If it starts playing a song, it'll play
the whole thing. It's only when switching songs that it could get stuck.

When it's in this state, 'top' shows XMMS is in the RUN state. The only
recovery is to kill XMMS and start it again.

Some other information (to see if we're doing something similar): I play
both MP3 and OGG files. The files are read from an NFS drive (the NFS
server is FreeBSD 4.6.)

 Rich Neswold
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