Subject: Re: seeking quiet, low-cost NetBSD server appliance
To: None <>
From: Beaker \(aka Jeff W\) <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 11/22/2002 12:14:38
> I'm seeking recommendations for a quiet, inexpensive {file, print,
> dhcp} server that I can stick in a closet and forget about.  I'd like
> it to run NetBSD.  I'd like it to have 10/100 Ethernet.  My budget is
> about $200, not including hard drives.

How about an old sparc? For $200 you could easily get a decent deal on 
Ebay. As for quiet though, that's a relative thing. A guy in our U/LUG 
has a super quiet PC which uses a water-cooled case. The cases are the 
expensive part - slightly old PC parts, like what you'd need for your 
file/dns/print server, are cheap. A cheaper route would be to build an 
enclosure for a std PC to knock down the sound level - sorta like those 
old dot-matrix printer enclosures. Maybe it could double as a shoe rack 
for the misses, eh? 8^J