Subject: Re: Optimizing for space and Phoenix binary
To: Leonardo Boiko <>
From: Bruno Delbono <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 11/07/2002 15:21:06
1 GB should be more than sufficient for NetBSD + Mozilla + X11

Bruno Saverio Delbono

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From: Leonardo Boiko <>
Date: Thursday, November 7, 2002 3:13 pm
Subject: Optimizing for space and Phoenix binary

> Hello. I'm a brazilian CS student and Debian user who has been 
> flirting with 
> NetBSD for some time. I'm impressed with the minimalism, 
> consistency and 
> good documentation of the system. I was in the process of 
> a cheap 
> computer with spare parts to play with NetBSD; my goal was to 
> finish it before 
> my Operating Systems course next year, so I could study the code.
> But my main hard disk failed, so I had to take the spare 1GB HD 
> my main 
> workstation. Since this space is too little for Debian, I decided 
> to run NetBSD 
> right now.
> I installed and configured everything successfully, and I'm very
> happy with the OS, but I'm short of disk space. I'd like to hear 
> any 
> considerations and tips about optimizing space; links to reading
> material are welcome. 
> I can't compile the Phoenix browser because it needs a lot of 
> Mozilla 
> sources, so I'm stick with phoenix-linux. Is someone working in a 
> phoenix 
> precompiled package?
> -- 
> Leonardo Boiko
> "Doko ni datte... hito wa tsunagatte iru."
> (No matter where, people are all connected)
> --Lain