Subject: Re: kitchen computer
To: Chris Jones <>
From: Chuck Yerkes <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 10/27/2002 21:25:39
Hmmm, vt510 in the garage with the keyboard in a plastic bag
(keeps oily fingers off).

Have a 3com Audrey in the kitchen.  Runs qnix or something. Has an
ethernet and a browser.  Haven't hacked into it.  No need, I use
the browser.  Talks to a real computer on the back end.  Picked it
up for $75 or so, likely cheaper now.

Quoting Chris Jones (
> I'd like to find an inexpensive, relatively small computer that I can 
> put in my kitchen or someplace similar (running NetBSD, of course).  In 
> the past, there were things like the iOpener, but those don't appear to 
> be made anymore.  And there are hpcmips machines (I have one, and it's 
> neat), but they require you to boot into WinCE and then manually launch 
> the bootloader.  I've heard people touting the various ARM processors, 
> saying they have a potential to produce cheap but quite usable 
> computers, but the last time I looked for such, I didn't find any.
> Ideally, such a computer would have a hard drive, an ethernet port, a 
> touch screen, and a USB port.  And, of course, the price would be 
> reasonable -- certainly less than I could buy a bare-bones PC for.
> Any thoughts?  Are there really such devices out there?
> Chris
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