Subject: RE: NetBSD + WinXP = peaceful coexistance?
To: 'Bryan P' <>
From: Rose, Brian <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 10/14/2002 16:24:57
Here's my notes on it.

Some of it is long and rambling, but I got some nuggets in there.

I put 1.5.2 on a Sony PCG-FXA32 (Athlon 900,128MB RAM, 40GB HDD).

Good luck!

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> From: Bryan P []
> Sent: Monday, October 14, 2002 4:19 PM
> To: NetBSD Users;
> Subject: NetBSD + WinXP = peaceful coexistance?
> Hello,
> I have a new laptop on which I'd like to dual boot XP and 
> NetBSD.  I have
> XP on it now, and am about to resize the NTFS partition to 
> set aside space
> for NetBSD.  However... this will actually be my second 
> attempt at a dual
> boot installation.  The first attempt ended in the NetBSD 
> install trashing
> my XP setup - at least, I couldn't boot XP.  It may have been 
> my fault (see
> below), but I'd like to hear some "I did this and it worked 
> for me" stories
> to bolster my confidence.
> What I did the first time: I resized my NTFS partition and 
> rebooted into XP
> to make sure everything was cool.  So far so good.  Booted 
> the 1.6 install
> CD and installed with the option to use NetBSD's bootloader to boot
> multiple OS'.  This is where it got interesting, because the 
> XP setup on
> this laptop has a small (< 100MB) "Unknown" partition as the 
> first primary
> partition, and I think this might have something to do with 
> hibernation.
> In any case, the bootloader menu required me to label 
> partition 1 (which I
> obviously don't want to boot from), partition 2 (XP) and partition 3
> (NetBSD).  I foolishly changed the type of partition 1 from 
> "Unknown" to
> "Unused" and then I didn't have to include it in the menu.  I 
> finished the
> NetBSD install and then after a reboot, my XP partition could not be
> booted.  I got some error message from Windows about a missing DLL.
> What I'm thinking of doing this time is just setting up menu items for
> partition 2 and 3, leaving 1 as it is.  Then perhaps after 
> the install I
> can remove the menu item for the first partition from the 
> bootloader setup.
> Thoughts, advice, anecdotes, etc appreciated.
> --
> Bryan