Subject: Re: Horrible experience with win/NetBSD in the same disk
To: <>
From: David Laight <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 10/14/2002 20:30:59
> > Looks to me like these disks are actually different!
> >
> > If you copied the small disk to the large one (including the
> > disklabel) it is quite likely that you wouldn't have noticed it.
> I meant this: (I like simmetric disks)(after install 1.6 in sd0)
> a) run /bin/sh from the sysinst CD
> b) mount /dev/sd0a
> c) cd /mnt/etc
> d) cat /etc/disktab >> disktab    # The "mydisk" entry
> e)reboot
> Then, when the machine restarts
> disklabel -r -w sd1 mydisk

Yes, I'm fairly sure betbsd believes the netbsd disklabel
even when it disagrees with the sizes that the 'identify
drive' request returns.
Probably because that request isn't supported by old drives.
(also I don't think any os rely on it (m$ stuff doesn't)
so the manufacturers don't necceserily get the info right
- I've definitely seen incorrect esponses from CF cards.)

> Do you know to format my scsi disk in order to
> have the original size?

Zapping the netbsd disklabel should cause the driver to
read the size from the disk...
You have to try quite hard to do that, the label sector is
normally protected, forgotten which program will clear the

Also netbsd doesn't restrict your boot to the first 8Gb
(although the card bios might).


David Laight: