Subject: Re: PoPToP and Win9x VPN clients
To: Quentin Garnier <>
From: J. Buck Caldwell <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 10/01/2002 12:08:16
>> Is anyone using PoPToP with NetBSD to connect Win9x VPN clients? I'm
>> having trouble getting it set up. I can initiate the connection, but it
>> fails before sucessfully connecting.
> Does your firewall let GRE packets in ? (It's an IP protocol, number 47).

This machine is behind my firewall, and is on the same segment (but different
subnet) as the machine I'm trying to connect from - and no, the router between
the subnets is not blocking any ports. This is a test, because it's a lot easier
to do with the two machines 5 feet away from each other than 10 miles apart
(seeing as how my existing firewall blocks telnet).

>> I'm using NetBSD 1.6-i386. I've installed the ppp-mppe package, renamed
>> then linked/usr/sbin/pppd to /usr/pkg/sbin/pppd, modload'ed mppe.o, and
>> started /usr/pkg/sbin/pptpd. The configs are below:
> You don't have to link /usr/sbin/pppd. pptpd is aware of which pppd call.

I can't agree - I tried it without doing the link, and pppd complained about
the +chapms &etc lines in the /etc/ppp/options - so it was calling the stock pppd.

  - J. Buck Caldwell

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