Subject: Re: in-tree software
To: None <>
From: Marton Fabo <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 10/01/2002 12:56:07
>>Now that 1.6 is out, I post my question again, maybe someone can answer. 
>>So, how can I identify on a freshly binary-installed system the files 
>>needed and only needed by a given software? I mean, how can I compile a 
>>list of files that belong to the in-tree OpenSSH, OpenSSL, Sendmail, 
>>BIND, or anything similar, that has a pkgsrc version also?
> I don't know about 1.6, but in current there is syspkg (src/distrib/syspkg/sets).
> syspkg splits sets up in different tgz packages, to install them independantly,
> so... well, you may want to look at the PLIST's included there to see which
> files are included in each package.

OK. I need the source tree for it anyway.

Wouldn't it be good to have a utility or just a simple way of removing 
those stuff?

>>Specifically, I'm interested in how to uninstall them without the risk 
>>of removing something that may hurt other parts of the system. And I 
>>mean not just deactivating, but physically removing them.
> Some parts can be disabled when building. See mk.conf(5).

Well, I'm not sure I wanna fiddle with building the OS on a 486 machine 
with 16 megs of RAM and 200 megs of HDD, especially when binary packages 
are available. That's exactly why I want to strip the unneeded parts off 
even the binary installation. Any futher suggestions?