Subject: Re: RAID1 problem
To: None <>
From: Daniel Cox <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 09/27/2002 19:55:17
raidctl -F component0 raid0

>>> Wojciech Puchar <> 09/27/02 19:51 PM >>>
i'm in process of converting one drive to RAID set

i defined /etc/raid0.conf to be:

START array
1 2 0
START disks
START layout
128 1 1 1
START queue
fifo 100

with nonexisting wd0e partition (as at wd0 i had data). it started, i did
-I etc..., then disklabel on raid0, newfs, copied all data, started from

then i tried
raidctl -a /dev/wd0e raid0
and got:

root@chylonia# raidctl -s raid0
          component0: failed
           /dev/wd1e: optimal
           /dev/wd0e: spare
component0 status is: failed.  Skipping label.
Component label for /dev/wd1e:
   Row: 0 Column: 1 Num Rows: 1 Num Columns: 2
   Version: 2 Serial Number: 1744432 Mod Counter: 52
   Clean: No Status: 0
   sectPerSU: 128 SUsPerPU: 1 SUsPerRU: 1
   RAID Level: 1  blocksize: 512 numBlocks: 25434112
   Autoconfig: Yes
   Root partition: Yes
   Last configured as: raid0
/dev/wd0e status is: spare.  Skipping label.
Parity status: DIRTY
Reconstruction is 100% complete.
Parity Re-write is 100% complete.
Copyback is 100% complete.

but HOW to make it not spare but component0 and start parity rewrite?