Subject: RAID warning - dangerous?
To: NetBSD Users <>
From: Jukka Marin <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 09/20/2002 23:40:38

Finally setting up a new file server.  I'm getting this from disklabel,
newfs and friends:

WARNING: raid0: total sector size in disklabel (232823808) != the size of
raid (232824704)

232823808 blocks is the total size of the RAID disk in the disklabel.
232824704 blocks is a weird number, a bit (112 blocks) smaller than the
number of blocks I have allocated for the RAID system on the disks.
Why is RAID whining and where does it get the number 232824704?  I had
to use weird cyls/secs/tracks values to reach that number in my RAID
disklabel - but after I did, it stopped whining.

I can start the first RAID partition (raid0a) at block 0, can't I?
At least that's how I did it the last time. :-)  (Where does RAID store
the component labels and stuff?)