Subject: Re: 1.6 ISO images?
To: Jan Schaumann <>
From: Carlos A. Carnero Delgado <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 09/18/2002 09:25:35
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Jan Schaumann wrote:
> BokLM <> wrote:
>>If it's so easy, why does it takes so much time to put them on the ftp
>>server ?
> The images put up on are 'official' images, ie they are
> sanctioned by the NetBSD Project.  As such, they must be known to work
> flawlessly.  Creating the images is not what takes time, it's testing
> them and making sure that they work properly.

Yup, that makes perfect sense.

Anyway, thanks to the link posted earlier I found out that even _I_ 
could make the iso. And just for fun, I tried with Nero under Windows 
(in addition to mkisofs in {Net|Free}BSD and Linux} and it works great.

Now I have my own iso image with the 1.6 source sets and some packages I 
always use.

Thanks guys & gals,
carlos carnero | | sysadmin/BOFH

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