Subject: FWD: NYSA Meeting Tomorrow Sept.18, 6:30PM
To: None <,>
From: Chuck Yerkes <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 09/17/2002 21:44:48
This might be of interest to those in NYC...

Getting BSD onto an 8 or 16MB Compact Flash is interesting.
Small devices with no real write space, perhaps little RAM
by modern standards....

Security is a little tighter in NYC this month that many places,
so advanced planning is helpful.

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Hello All;

Just a final reminder that this months NYSA presentation will
be held tomorrow, time and location all below. 

Ken Rice of the emBSD ( Project is our guest speaker
this month. I also understand that Ken is looking for volunteers
with the emBSD Project. Many people are presently using emBSD or
some other form of embedded BSD or Linux for many uses, including
but not limited to, firewalls. Come and find out why.

Please try to provide me with your full name so that I can arrange
for a building pass into 9 West 57th Street. 9 West 57th Street
is conveniently located to all modes of transportation, including
a bike rack out in front. 9 West 57th Street is between 5th and
6th aves and has a BIG red 9 out in front.

Again, please drop me a line with your name. We will also try to 
have a member of the board present in the lobby for all of you
who didn't have the time to reply to me :) This however is not 


Michael C. Ibarra
Hawk Technologies, Inc

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Dear Members;

Get ready for a Great Meeting Wed., Sept 18, 2002. 6:30PM
               (Board Members review @ 6:00PM open to all)

The meeting will be held at 9 West 57th Street, 36th Floor at the
offices of CDC North America.

We have arranged a special guest speaker, Mr. Ken Rice.

Our presentation topic will be: Embedded BSD

What is embedded BSD?
Why BSD?
Why OpenBSD?
The Make Process
Modifying the existing release build scripts and Makefiles.

Ken Rice has 10+ years in the technology industry.

Formally trained by the military as a Communications Tech, Ken
left the military to enter the private sector in networking.
Having worked on a variety of systems from Netware 2x to Unix,
he most recently moved into BSD as an OpenSource Project Manager.
Like many hackers he has little or no formal "Computer Training".
Ken currently runs the emBSD Project with a small group of people
working towards an flexible embedded version of OpenBSD.

The NYSA Board would like to encourage each member to bring an
associate or other guest interested in sharing information and
contacts within our community.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Randall Menter
Secretary, NYSA

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