Subject: Re: terminal emultators
To: None <>
From: Aaron J. Grier <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 09/11/2002 15:28:47
On Wed, Sep 11, 2002 at 11:59:20AM -0400, Sam Carleton wrote:
> I have been using VanDyke's SecureCRT for a while now as the primary
> terminal to my NetBSD machine.  Today I discovered that it will
> display color for me when I tell it to use the Linux terminal type.

secureCRT reports its term type as vt220, which is a black & white
terminal.  the color version in the vt220-series (according to was vt241, but that terminal type doesn't appear to
be in either terminfo or termcap as distributed by NetBSD.

TERM=xterm-16color gives color with secureCRT set to vt220.

> Now, vim seems to work fine, as does many other apps, but when mutt
> displays messages in threads, the characters used nolonger looks like
> the little arrows they use to look like.  I was wondering if there is
> some way to fix this for mutt and other app that would have the
> problem?

what you normally see with secureCRT set to vt220 under mutt are not
supposed to be little arrows:  they're line-draw characters -- the
arrowheads shouldn't be there.

this gets even screwier with secureCRT set to linux, which uses IBM
character set if I'm not mistaken.

I thing what secureCRT really wants to be is a vt340 or vt340+, which is
color and uses ISO Latin 1 encoding.  vt241 would work too, if secureCRT
can actually get their character mapping straightened out.  a workaround
would be to allow the user to change the TERM string passed to the
server when opening a session.

likewise termcap and terminfo should add color for vt340, and an entry
for vt241.  (I guess I should file a PR...)

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