Subject: Re: Mozilla Starts With No Window
To: None <>
From: Richard Grace <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 09/10/2002 11:43:33
>>> Curt Sampson <> 10/09/2002 10:55:12 >>>

> So I'm still having a slightly mysterious problem with Mozilla.

Apart from all you memory disappearing... ;-)

> When I start it, it appears to start correctly, but never brings
> up a window on my X server. If I deinstall and reinstall the package
> (built from source a couple of weeks ago), the first time I start
> it it works fine, but after that again it starts but brings up no
> window.
> Anybody got any thoughts on what might be causing this?

Try removing (or renaming) your .mozilla and mail directories etc.
I had this issue when I copied a mail configuration across by hand
but didn't build the mailbox directories.  I had to start from scratch.