Subject: RE: Adding a hard drive to i386
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From: Rose, Brian <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 08/28/2002 10:41:56
I added a disklabel and created a partition that spans the entire disk. I
was then able to mount it to /mnt/wd2. Here's my command summary...

$ disklabel -i -I wd2
> a        <- Modify the 'a' partition
> BSD4.2   <- Specify a filesystem
> 0s       <- Start at sector 0
> $        <- Continue to the end of the disk
> W        <- Write the disklabel
> Q        <- Quit

$ newfs /dev/wd2a
$ mount -t /dev/wd2a /mnt/wd2

These commands worked fine and I was able to touch files and create
directories on the disk. I then mounted my existing drive with a FAT32
partition to /mnt/wd1 (I'm converting to NetBSD from Windows). The boot disk
with the OS is wd0.

The new drive is a Maxtor 80GB disk and the existing drive is a Maxtor 8GB

After mounting them I did a 'mv /mnt/wd1/Files /mnt/wd2' to move my Files
directory onto the new disk. It is just a bunch of data files (documents,
MP3s, etc) and there is nothing special (like links etc). When I execute the
command, it copies a few dozen files and then I get an error message stating
that the destination drive is full.

Did I do something wrong? Does the FFS system support these large drives?

What are some other tools that are useful for setting up a disk? Checking
free space, etc?

P.S. - The system is my home machine and I do not have any remote access.

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Subject: Re: Adding a hard drive to i386

On Tue, 27 Aug 2002, Rose, Brian wrote:

> I just bought a hard drive and I need to add it to my already running
> NetBSD-1.5.2. When I attempt to do anything, I find that the programs
> (mbrlabel) complain about there being no disklabel. Doing research on
> disklabel, it seems I need to edit the /etc/disktab file and add an entry
> for my particular hard drive geometry.
> Is there a more elegant program that will query the drive and generate a
> proper disklabel? Or am I stuck with this method?

Is this a brand new disk with nothing on it?

If so, then try:

 disklabel -I -i wd1 # use device of your new disk

Then when done, use newfs.

   Jeremy C. Reed