Subject: Re: Problems with File descriptors
To: None <>
From: Beaker <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 08/21/2002 13:21:42
> Try "ulimit -n 1000" (for Bourne shells) or "limit openfiles 1000" (for
> csh type shells) first. (Replace 1000 with some number that works for
> you.)

Along these lines - for hardening purposes ,shouldn't some of these be
changed from "umlimited" to some finite value?

beaker@stinky: {40} limit
cputime         unlimited
filesize        unlimited
datasize        131072 kbytes
stacksize       2048 kbytes
coredumpsize    unlimited
memoryuse       44788 kbytes
memorylocked    14929 kbytes
maxproc         80
openfiles       64