Subject: Re: smbfs kernel support
To: None <>
From: Daniel Cox <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 08/16/2002 23:37:28
Ooops, actually the kernel did not build properly.
Obviously this support is still a work in progress.

>>> "Daniel Cox" <> 08/16/02 22:47 PM >>>
I am trying to mount a samba share from NetBSD 1.6rc1
- smbclient is no good because I need to check for files on the share very =
- i cant get sharity-light to work: invalid argument [22] is always =
returned - even with encrypted passwords disabled and guest access =
- the free downloadable version of sharity does not compile at all

There have not been many messages, certainly not recently discussing use =
of smbfs.

I have noticed the directory syssrc/sys/fs/smbfs/ which is a number of =
months old. So I guessed putting file-system SMBFS in my kernel config =
file might get me somewhere. With options SMB also added the kernel does =
configure and build properly with no errors.
But I dont know what to do from there - cant find a mount_smbfs or any =
other such tool.

Any suggestions would be very helpful.