Subject: Re: OT: apple's marketing is just insolent
To: None <>
From: Charles Shannon Hendrix <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 05/18/2002 02:28:32
On Fri, May 17, 2002 at 11:03:11PM -0500, wrote:

> I'm not very impressed by MacOS X and Apple to be honest.  I noticed on my
> friend's G4, after running MacOS X for a few days, things tend to slow down
> quite a bit.  

I notice that with NetBSD, FreeBSD, and Linux if I run the same kind of
applications that are on MacOS X. MacOS _is_ FreeBSD after all.

The problem is that applications are horribly bloated, and their
graphics system is quite heavy.

> There's also this thing about having these super-friendly, super-cute
> GUIs and applications. They attract the wrong kind of people (stupid
> people), and that is one reason why I use NetBSD. The userbase is
> excellent.

Hopefully you also check to see if the OS works, in addition to not
being mainstream-popular... :)

Personally, I've seen too many command-line idiots and geniuses with a
GUI to generalize like that. It's true to a point of course, but I don't
take it too far. After all, some non-GUI people use VMS... :)

I think Apple will improve the user interface, which would be made
easier for them if they would just put back the things they removed from
the old NeXT GUI, which was very good.

> Furthermore, that "Sends other Unix boxes to /dev/null" slogan is just
> insulting.  You can't even compare MacOS X with Solaris or IRIX.  Apple
> should not forget where MacOS X is comming from before making up stupid
> slogans like the one in the picture.  I will never ever use MacOS X.  Or a
> macintosh for that matter.

The slogans I generally ignore because they come from a marketing
department. Sun has certainly done their share of stupid and insulting
ad copy.

Any way, my comments were mostly observations after noting that the
original poster seemed to not have made a point.