Subject: Re: Now it's CBDTPA
To: David Friggens <>
From: Jim Wise <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 03/26/2002 17:31:36
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On Wed, 27 Mar 2002, David Friggens wrote:

>> This bill is going to really screw things up if it passes.
>I'd like to think that it's too ridiculous to go all the way, but not much
>the corrupt corporate US government does suprises me any more.
>For a country that's tested biological and chemical weapons on its own
>civilian population I don't think this should be too much trouble.

Can you please take the crack you're smoking and this whole thread _off_
of this list?

I'd dare say that everyone on this list agrees that this legislation is
a bad idea.  I'd go farther and venture that the vast majority of both
houses of the US Legislature also think this bill is a bad idea.

But this list is not here to discuss political issues which are not
_directly_ related to NetBSD.  Even less is it here for silly rants from
the black-helicopter contingent, such as found above.

Come back with a political discussion that has some relevance to NetBSD
if you want to post nonsense like this.  And even then, keep it on
- -advocacy.  Please.

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				Jim Wise
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