Subject: Re: [open-source] Sun to start charging for Star Office
To: Stephane St Hilaire <>
From: paul beard <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 03/22/2002 15:26:00
Stephane St Hilaire wrote:

 > I'm sure NetBSD doesn't have threads/multiprocessing support
 > due to Microsoft predatory practices. What kind of state of
 > the art are you talking about ?

let me put it another way: how much time and effort went and still
goes into "the browser war" and competing streaming media
standards that might be better spent on real advances?

 > I'm assuming
 > that when one of the open unixes makes a real breaktrough 
 > he'll jump right in and provide the best Unix apps that anyone
 > will have ever used. Perhaps then the Ms bashing will tone
 > down just a little once Ms Office is available everywhere.

maybe they could make a breakthrough if there were mainstream apps
like Office . . .

 > In a capitalist society playing fair probably amounts to
 > loosing.

too cynical and pessimistic to merit a reply beyond this: pure 
unfettered capitalism and monopolies can't co-exist.

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