Subject: Re: [open-source] Sun to start charging for Star Office
To: NetBSD User's Discussion List <>
From: paul beard <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 03/21/2002 21:21:03
Charles Shannon Hendrix wrote:
 > On Thu, Mar 21, 2002 at 09:31:03AM -0800, paul beard wrote:
 >> Windows apps, like it or not, offer lots of functionality
 >> that is lost in a pure ASCII world, and the open source
 >> alternatives have yet to catch up. Unlikely they ever will
 >> . . . . .
 > How much of that "functionality" is truly useful though?
 > Typical of what I see people do is waste perhaps hours
 > changing their fonts and colors on a memo I could type and
 > print in minutes, if not seconds.

there's more to it than that. Say I write a document or report as
text or a spreadsheet. The boss wants it, not to look at, but to
incorporate into something else. Suppose I have lots of formulas
and other esoterica . . . .

 > Nothing wrong with some enhancements, but most of these
 > "features" have little to do with actually producing and
 > using words and numbers.

no one will argue there's a bit of feature creep in the office
suite ;-) and yes, I think Word 4 (circa 1987 or so) had all the
features I ever needed and still fit on a floppy.

 > I have worked in Microsoft-only offics and *still* had massive 
 > with document interchange, using nothing but Office. Their
 > own products aren't compatible with themselves sometimes.
cf another message in this thread on using features as upgrade
bait, rather than actual enhancements or bug fixes. You got WIN95, 
98, 2K, XP, ME, NT, all playing together . . . . whattamess.

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