Subject: Re: [open-source] Sun to start charging for Star Office
To: Andrew Gillham <>
From: John Clark <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 03/21/2002 12:54:40
Am Donnerstag den, 21. M=E4rz 2002, um 12:45, schrieb Andrew Gillham:

> On Thu, Mar 21, 2002 at 01:30:43PM -0700, Rick Kelly wrote:
>> I was reading somewhere the other day that the Windows XP license=20
>> doesn't
>> allow connection to it with vnc, rdesktop, etc. You can only use the
>> facilities provided by Microsloth.
> Well rdesktop accesses the Microsoft provided RDP services, so it is
> not installing any non MS stuff on the XP system.  I'm sure they still
> don't want you using an unauthorized client.  Then I guess you use the
> Citrix ICA client (Linux binary) or something.

While I don't know the particulars of the XP license, the W95/98/ME
licenses have had limits on the number of 'connections' that are=20
licensed, such
that one could not turn one's system in to a 'real live server', even=20
there was no OS limitation on how many sockets could be
connected at a time.

I ran into this when we had a product which would run on W95/98/ME and
could allow for 'server connections', and some person at some trade show
asked, 'and how do you get around the license issue'...

Our standard response became, 'We strongly encourage our customers
to verify their use of our product with their W95/98/ME license'...