Subject: Re: Secure FTP server
To: '' <>
From: Jorgen Lundman <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 03/21/2002 09:15:48
David S. wrote:
>>	I am a new user and have found plenty of Howto's in regards to
>>setting up a FTP server for anonomous users, but i would like to set up a
>>secure FTP server that accepts a Username and Password.  Idealy this FTP
>>would let me get things from it and upload stuff. I would like to use my
>>local login name and password: eg Robert and password 12345.  There would be
>>multiple users accessing the FTP the same way.  Any suggestions on Syntax
>>for setting it up? 
> Ordinary FTP is not terribly secure, as it transmits your password in
> clear text, and data unencrypted.  NetBSD comes with 'sftp' (which 
> isn't really FTP, but 'ssh' disguised to look like it), which is rather
> more secure.  Or, you could use ordinary FTP with 'ssh' port-forwarding
> (see man ssh).  If you want to install a third-party "secure" FTP, some
> to look at are
> 	Kerber-ized FTP:
> 	SafeTP:
> 	Secure FTP:
> 	GridFTP:

Wrote my own too, comes with SRP and TLS/SSL internally, and supports 
SafeTP as well. Uses internal userdb as opposed to /etc/passwd though, 
so may not be applicable for all, but very good for a distribution ftpd. - sources on CVS.


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