Subject: RE: Secure FTP server
To: 'David S.' <>
From: Mariani, Robert \(AU - Melbourne\) <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 03/20/2002 11:21:56
If possible could you please provide the syntax to set up the FTP with ssh
for the sinario below?
Muchly appreciated

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Subject: Re: Secure FTP server

> 	I am a new user and have found plenty of Howto's in regards to
> setting up a FTP server for anonomous users, but i would like to set up a
> secure FTP server that accepts a Username and Password.  Idealy this FTP
> would let me get things from it and upload stuff. I would like to use my
> local login name and password: eg Robert and password 12345.  There would
> multiple users accessing the FTP the same way.  Any suggestions on Syntax
> for setting it up? 

Ordinary FTP is not terribly secure, as it transmits your password in
clear text, and data unencrypted.  NetBSD comes with 'sftp' (which 
isn't really FTP, but 'ssh' disguised to look like it), which is rather
more secure.  Or, you could use ordinary FTP with 'ssh' port-forwarding
(see man ssh).  If you want to install a third-party "secure" FTP, some
to look at are

	Kerber-ized FTP:
	Secure FTP:

You can probably find others with a bit of searching.

David S.