Subject: Re: ThinkPad 1400 series help ...
To: None <>
From: John Darrow <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 03/19/2002 23:54:07
Malcolm Herbert <> wrote:
>I'm booting with the GENERIC_LAPTOP kernel, but things seem to behave
>differently if this is the first boot after powerup or is a boot after a
>warm reset.
>|isapnp0: read port 0x203
>|ym0 at isapnp0 port 0x220/16,0x530/8,0x388/8,0x330/2,0x370/2 irq 5 drq 0,7
>|ym0: YAMAHA OPL3-SAx Audio System : OPL3-SA3
>|isapnp0: card 2 violates PnP spec; byte 0
>|isapnp0: No current device for tag, card 2
>|isapnp0: No current device for tag, card 2
>... 148 lines of the same message later ... 
[at least yours eventually stopped... I once left mine running for a
few minutes and it was still scrolling this message by nonstop...]
>|isapnp0: No current device for tag, card 2
>|isapnp0: No current device for tag, card 2
>|isapnp0: Resource timeout, card 2

Ah, yes, the infamous ym0 at isapnp... When I first got a second isapnp
device in my home machine, I discovered that ym0 (at least at isapnp)
doesn't actually work correctly in anything other than its "preferred"
configuration, and since the other isapnp device attached first, it got
the irq that ym0 wanted.  (pr port-i386/7331 has some details of my
investigation).  My first local hack response to this was simply to
reverse the attach order so that ym0 attached before the other device.
(This is the isapnp.c patch found at the end of 7331.)

However... there was a significant rewrite of the ym code sometime in
September or October of 1999, and ever since then, something in the ym
attach path has scrambled the remaining isapnp data, thus making my
original local hack no longer work for me.

(After spending much time fighting with this, I finally ended up
reverting my original hack, and adding another local hack so that the
ym0's preferred irq wasn't taken by the earlier isapnp device.)

Unfortunately, I don't know enough about kernel or driver internals to
try to really track down what caused the bad behavior of the ym0 attach
in the first place.

I suspect that, in your case, the scrambling might carry over through
the warm boot and thus leave the next boot not even probing the ym0


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