Subject: CVS Mirror Question
To: None <>
From: Richard Grace <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 03/14/2002 11:44:45
Hi all.

I was wondering if anyone has a mirror configuration which is
nice to the ftp server.  I am interested in keeping a local copy
of the CVS repository as I am updating 4 machines on a semi-
regular basis, and have a very slow link.

I cannot use cvsup as my server is NetBSD/sparc.

My current config file is included below, but it doesn't seem to
work as expected - the `mirror -n package` looks like it is about
to mirror the entire ftp server, rather than just the NetBSD-cvs
directory.  The defaults file is unchanged.

Also, the Australian mirror site doesn't seem to have the CVS
repository, so I guess the US site will be the best choice...?

Any suggestions would be welcome.


Richard Grace.

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