Subject: Re: Problems with ESS1879 Audio Chipset on a Hitachi 7580 laptop
To: Gerald C. Simmons <>
From: Nathan J. Williams <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 03/10/2002 12:34:18
"Gerald C. Simmons" <> writes:

> Does anyone know any reason why the ESS1879 chipset hasn't been officially
> supported?

I think the ess driver should work with the entire 18xx family; we may
have forgotten to specifically list the 1879, but that's not because
there's something wrong with it.

How does it probe on your machine? Does it probe as an isa device or
as an pnp device?

For comparison, my old NEC laptop has a 1788 that probes as:

ess0 at pnpbios0 index 18 (ESS0104)
ess0: io 220-22f 388-38b 300-301, irq 5, dma 1
ess0: ESS Technology ES1788 [version 0x688b]
ess0: audio1 interrupting at irq 5
audio0 at ess0: half duplex, mmap, independent
opl0 at ess0: model OPL3
midi0 at opl0: ESS Yamaha OPL3

> I've attempted to make it work under SuSE Linux 7.3, and it works, somewhat.
> During an Audio test, it repeats the first 500 msec of the tune, then starts
> repeating, inceasently.

This is characteristic of having the wrong IRQ setting.

Does your laptop BIOS say what IRQ is assigned to the sound device?

        - Nathan