Subject: problem with ipnat
To: None <>
From: RJ45 <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 03/07/2002 07:09:12
I have the following weird problem.
This is what my NAT box is doing:
map fxp0 from ! to 193.206.x.0/24 -> 192.84.x.254/32

I would like to add a subnet like this:

map fxp0 from ! to 193.206.y.0/24 -> 192.84.x.254/32

In this way I want that DEST packets which are for subnets
193.206.x.0/24 and 193.206.y.0/24 being not natted at all so that I want
to use a static route and I do not want them to being natted.
I want to NAT only packets which are going out of MY lan and I ahve a
mixed LAN with mixed public and hidden IP.
If I add this rule NAT is not workign properly and it NATs packets having
DEST IP of 193.206.y.0/24 but it should not. The 2 rules together does
not work. There is a way to put the 2 rules in only one single rule?