Subject: 3 questions about to limit bandwidth
To: None <>
From: Lista de NetBSD Users <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 01/31/2002 11:33:03

I use ipnat/ipfilter/squid in our firewall machine with
NetBSD-1.5.2/i386. This month the traffic to our ISP
have grow a lot (incoming and outgoing) and the cause is
a lot of connections with service 1214 (kazaa, morpheus,
audiogalaxy, etc). I would like limit the bandwidth for
service 1214.

Question 1
Can you recommend an open source package?

Question 2
Does anybody have tested or used recently the commercial
package ET/BWMGR from Emerging Technology?
Does this package can help me?

Question 3
How about use serial port... The firewall machine have two
serial ports (detected as ns16550a, working fifo. The manual
says "high speed" ports). I think I can redirect connections
for service 1214 via serial port to a second firewall (same
brand and model) with ipnat/ipf and NetBSD-1.5.2/i386. The
limit of the bandwidth will be imposed by the speed of the
serial ports.

Is this a bad idea?
Does I will have a new set of problems?

Thanks in advance

Heron Gallegos
Centro Siglo XXI - Informatica Educativa
Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico