Subject: Re: anyone installed NetBSD on an Allwell STBMX1030?
To: Diana Eichert <>
From: None <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 01/31/2002 13:45:06
> > > processor, 64MB SDRAM, 2 NIC, 16MB Flash DOM, Linux Kernel 2.4.8, ZEBRA
> > > Routing protocols
> > anyway expensive.
> > just for name of "linux" :)
> >
> > things like at i was pointed to looks cheaper and smaller
> > :) and has 3 eths
> No, you can buy these without Linux, the Router reference ships with
> Linux.

so it's expensive for other reason :)

> STB3060N w/64MB RAM US$299
> Mounting frame and cable for 2.5" HS is US$5
> It has one PCI slot where I'm thinking about putting a 4port NIC.
> You can also upgrade it to 300MHz for US$35

i use 33Mhz for routers and then work just fine :)

> If you wanted the 16MB DOM it's US$30.  I don't as you can find sub 5GB
> 2.5" drives cheap for about the same price.

or 40-100MB for 0$ :)

> The soekris is nice, however a project I was looking at using this for
> required more than the 3 NICs afforded by the soekris.

it's thing i would buy if needed for more complicated thing. in fact it's
enough powerful to do fileserving (with add-on IDE controller).