Subject: Multiple smarthosts for SMTP (sending from different accounts)
To: None <>
From: Brian de Alwis <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 01/29/2002 15:52:03
I have a laptop from which I use fetchmail from my UBC CS account,
and from which I respond to mail while offline.  Because I connect
to the 'net from different locations (thus having different FQDNs),
I had problems sending e-mail as other hosts wouldn't allow relaying
(my domain not matching the delivering address I guess). So I now
have sendmail configured to use my department's SMTP server (
as a smarthost via an ssh tunnel. This has worked beautifully so far.

But I may soon have another non-department account from which to
send and receive e-mail.  Since this is not a department account,
the dept server won't allow relaying for it. And the other
account's server similarly won't allow relaying for my department
address.  So I'll no longer be able to use a single smarthost.

What I really seem to need is some way of having different smarthosts
depending on the sending address.  Can sendmail do this? Or qmail/etc.?
Or is there a better solution entirely? (I have no control over the
SMTP server software). I haven't seen anything so far.

I'm using mutt as my MUA; I'd rather not change if I can manage it.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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