Subject: Re: Weird problems with c compiler, pkgsrc and /usr/src
To: Lim Seng Chor <>
From: Steven Grunza <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 01/28/2002 10:17:44
     I read you message and I'm wondering why you downloaded 
NetBSD-current.  It has been my understanding that the NetBSD-current 
software isn't always stable, compile-able, or runnable but is the most 
recent, most bleeding-edge version (not released) of NetBSD.

   If you are trying to run NetBSD as a general use operating system on a 
supported platform I would suggest you use a released version of 
NetBSD.  You can get more info about the latest NetBSD release from

   By the way NetBSD runs on many different types of platforms including 
SPARC, i386, ALPHA, and MIPS.  What type of hardware platform are you using?

At 10:15 PM 1/28/2002 +0800, Lim Seng Chor wrote:
>My netbsd box is so weird!!
>I tried to compile and install the pkg at the pkgsrc and I always ended up 
>with cc1
>compile fatal error...
>At first I thought my compile got problem so I tried to restore the files 
>extracting from
>comp.tgz. but then the problem was still not solved. After that, I tried 
>to pkg_add gcc-
>2.95.2 pkg. This time I got some pkgsrc programs installed but there are 
>some other
>programs I cannot install and terminated with compilation fatal error.
>How can I solve this problem? How do I turn off the compiler optimization 
>for the
>pkgsrc installation?
>Another problem is I couldn't "make build" my /usr/src. I am running 
>netbsd 1.5.2 and
>I downloaded the tar files from
>current/tar_files/src/*.  The error i encountered was "syntax error" blah 
>blah blah.
>Help! Now I can totally cannot do anything with it... : (

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