Subject: Re: OT: - help needed
To: None <>
From: Shannon <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 01/28/2002 00:15:06
On Sun, Jan 27, 2002 at 01:07:30PM -0500, Bernstein wrote:

> Here's my Johnny-come-lately contribution to this thread:
> On Saturday 26 January 2002 06:37 pm, Shannon wrote:
> > I wish it were an open project though, and had a few more
> > options, and was not a web application.
> The spamcop engine is GPL:

That's nice...

> As for it being a 'web application,' a new incarnartion of SC is just now 
> coming off of beta, and - except for actual reporting functions - you can 
> utilize all of its filtering resources by simply running, say, mutt or some 
> other good imap client. mutt in the latest (1.3) versions works just fine 
> with SC's imap server, with cram-md5 and ssl. (You can just POP your mail 
> too.) Further, SC will _not_ /dev/null any mail without you telling it to: 
> all filtered messages are held for inspection and/or reporting.

This is what I've been wanting.

> Am I a fan of SC? Clearly. And the new version - which offers, but does not 
> require the use of, IMP webmail - is a bargain imho at $30/year; this for 
> spam and virus filtering. Sometimes it is well to move past the notion that 
> for something to be good it must be free as in free beer.

I don't remember saying I wanted it that way.

Basically I don't like just reporting SPAM to and then
getting email with a URL to connect to and then send the SPAM.  To
much work, especially given the volume.  The main reason I submit
spam reports is to build their database up so maybe it will have
some positive impact.  

I haven't even looked at IMP webmail yet.

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