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From: Bernstein <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 01/27/2002 13:07:30
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Here's my Johnny-come-lately contribution to this thread:

On Saturday 26 January 2002 06:37 pm, Shannon wrote:

> I wish it were an open project though, and had a few more
> options, and was not a web application.

The spamcop engine is GPL:

As for it being a 'web application,' a new incarnartion of SC is just now 
coming off of beta, and - except for actual reporting functions - you can 
utilize all of its filtering resources by simply running, say, mutt or some 
other good imap client. mutt in the latest (1.3) versions works just fine 
with SC's imap server, with cram-md5 and ssl. (You can just POP your mail 
too.) Further, SC will _not_ /dev/null any mail without you telling it to: 
all filtered messages are held for inspection and/or reporting.

Am I a fan of SC? Clearly. And the new version - which offers, but does not 
require the use of, IMP webmail - is a bargain imho at $30/year; this for 
spam and virus filtering. Sometimes it is well to move past the notion that 
for something to be good it must be free as in free beer.

If you want to roll your own look at

....which is gaining a reputation for being perhaps the category-killer of 
standalone spam filtering systems.

Best regards,