Subject: Re: OT: - help needed
To: ali \(Anders Lindgren\) <>
From: None <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 01/26/2002 17:31:14
> > sorry for offtopic but i'm just getting worried for people who invented
> > such "Excellent" service like orbz and even more for admins who are using
> > it (making "gift" for users even if they don't want to).
> I am more worried over the fact that you are running a mailserver without
> understanding why people go to such measures as to blacklist entire
> domains to get rid of the problem of wide open spam relays.

i (think) i understand.
that anyone can send mail as for example and it will
forward it.

> Restricting relaying domains to .pl won't do you any good at all -- it
> just limits the people who can use you as a spam-relay to those who are
> bright enough to do it from a .pl host.
> What you want is to restrict sending mail to authenticated users only.
> If you have no control over where people connect from (as in specific IP
> adresses, not just which ISP), you'll have to make them use some means
> of authentication to allow them to connect to the mailserver. I would
> suggest having a look at IMAP. I've never set it up myself so I'm afraid

imap for SENDING mails?

> While you're at it, you might want to enable use of the orbz and rbl
> spam-blocking lists for incoming mail-- it will save you a bunch of
> spam. ;-)

and a lot of normal mail.
the only way of controlling spam is to eliminate the source.
so if anyone will query me who at this&that time send mail as somebody do
somebody it's easy to identify source IP address of spam