Subject: Re: Actiontec PCI modem and NetBSD
To: Ian Thomas <>
From: Michael Hobgood <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 01/23/2002 16:58:59
On Wed, Jan 23, 2002 at 05:44:33AM -0800, Ian Thomas wrote:
> --- Michael Hobgood <> wrote:
[snip my original stuff]
> 	You're right, that modem isn't a Winmodem.  As far as
> I've seen, the setup for pppd on FreeBSD is the same
> as it is on NetBSD, and GNU/Linux.  I've never used a
> PCI Actiontec modem but I am currently using there
> external call-waiting modem with no problems.
>     	What were the problems that you had with getting
> it to work on FreeBSD?  Modem wouldn't pick up, modem
> wouldn't complete handshake, etc.?  I can send you my
> setup files so you can compare it to what you had been
> using on FreeBSD.  I'm using almost an identical setup
> on my NetBSD box now as I had used previously on
> Debian GNU/Linux and FreeBSD.
> Ian
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	It has been two years, so I cannot remember all the
specifics.  I do recall that it would not detect the 
device itself.  Over the years I have learned that
I probable could have specified the device as another
cuaa entry in the kernel build and gotten it to work.
If I remember correctly, I did not try that as the
normal entry referred to ISA devices, not PCI devices
and I could not see anyway to insert all the information
the manual said was needed for the modem to work.  
	Since then I've come across an email while searching
various mail archives that indicated I could have put
the info in in the form the kernel build was expecting
and it would take it.  So, I figure that if it doesn't
work out of the box, I can always rebuild the kernel
and try that trick.
	You are correct about pppd being easy to setup.  When
I first installed OpenBSD, all I did was copy my old
Linux ppp files over, and everything worked first time.
So, if the modem gets detected, I'm sure it will
work with these files.
	Now to order the NetBSD, wait for the mail to 
get them to me, and install it.  I'll let you
know how it turns out.  Thank you for the reply.

Michael Hobgood