Subject: Re: Actiontec PCI modem and NetBSD
To: Michael Hobgood <>
From: Ian Thomas <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 01/23/2002 05:44:33
--- Michael Hobgood <> wrote:
> 	I'm considering buying NetBSD.  Before I commit,
> I've one
> concern that needs silenced.  Does NetBSD support
> the Actiontec PCI
> modem?
> 	This modem has given very reliable service under
> several versions
> of a custom built Linux system, and under OpenBSD. 
> However, about
> two years ago when I was considering FreeBSD, I
> could not get it 
> configured, and, sad to say, the folks on FreeBSD
> could never stop
> jumping the gun long enough to reply what steps
> would be needed
> to configure it (the Winmodem gun, even when you
> tell them it
> isn't a Winmodem, they don't listen.  Strange folks,
> some of them
> even claim that all PCI modems Winmodems.)
> 	Hopefully the answer is yes and I can purchase a CD
> set and
> try NetBSD.
> Cordially
> Michael Hobgood
	You're right, that modem isn't a Winmodem.  As far as
I've seen, the setup for pppd on FreeBSD is the same
as it is on NetBSD, and GNU/Linux.  I've never used a
PCI Actiontec modem but I am currently using there
external call-waiting modem with no problems.
    	What were the problems that you had with getting
it to work on FreeBSD?  Modem wouldn't pick up, modem
wouldn't complete handshake, etc.?  I can send you my
setup files so you can compare it to what you had been
using on FreeBSD.  I'm using almost an identical setup
on my NetBSD box now as I had used previously on
Debian GNU/Linux and FreeBSD.


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