Subject: diablo NNTP and NetBSD
To: None <>
From: Aaron J. Grier <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 01/18/2002 14:34:05
I'm trying to get an NNTP server up and running [1], and diablo [2]
looks to be the most promising for getting maximum use out of the old
crufty boxes [3] I have lying around my basement.

unfortunately I've hit a snag -- while the diablo process seems to be
working fine on my -current sparc 2, the dreaderd processes immediately
close any connections opened to them.  this looks very similar to
problems reported to the diablo-users mailing list under NetBSD
1.5.2/alpha, but no solution was posted.

I could give up and run inn or even cnews, (which I'm sure would work
for my purposes,) but seeing as diablo was developed under FreeBSD and
also runs under BSDi, I figured it wouldn't take much work to get it
going under NetBSD.  plus being able to split out the work over my
stacks of crufty machines is nifty.  :)

so basically before I start digging into the intricacies of select() and
poll() in a forking program, I figured I'd ask here to see if anybody
has gotten diablo running on their NetBSD system.

it would be a nice addition to pkgsrc once it starts working.

[1] mostly for personal education purposes, but also because supernews
    has such long expire times it takes five minutes to download the
    overview when entering groups, and threading tens of thousands of
    articles on my sub 100MHz machines is an exercise in patience.
[3] primarily sparc 2s and sgi challenge Ss at this point. has a list.

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