Subject: Re: standard operating procedure for doing backups as 'operator'
To: None <>
From: David S. <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 01/15/2002 21:32:50
> Wrt amanda: I looked into amanda a week or so ago, it looks good except
> for one thing: apparently it doesn't support spanning multiple tapes,
> and my tape drive is only a 2/4 GB DAT. :\ Otherwise that would be an
> option.  

Amanda does some support some tape changers.  But as far as spanning
multiple tapes goes, I'm not interested in any back-up regime that
requires me to change tapes.  Life is too short to baby-sit back-ups.

> Wrt IPSec.. some of the backups I need to do are going through
> NAT as well as to other operating systems in some cases.. IPSec+NAT is
> no fun, at least in my experience. :) (Even when dealing with only one
> OS.)  I guess I should have mentioned this in my OP. :P

Interestingly enough, another mailing list I subscribe to has just had
a discussion of IPSEC and NAT.  The consensus seems to be that AH doesn't
work through NAT - understandably, since NAT fiddles with the packet
headers - but ESP goes through fine.  Don't know about AH inside of
ESP, or other more baroque combinations.

David S.