Subject: Linksys NP100 no longer works
To: None <>
From: Zach Hartley <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 01/15/2002 15:39:22

After I got my NetBSD-1.5.2 updated to -current (thanks everyone for
helping :) when I tried recompiling my kernal, my Linksys NP100 PC Card
stopped working. Before this, it booted up, used the ne2 driver & dhcp.
I tried compiling the GENERIC kernal, but it even that will not work! Is
there a config file I need to play with? Sorry if this is an obvious
thing, I swear I can't figure out what to do. Thanks.


Zachary Todd Hartley
"Attempted murder. Now honestly, what is that?
Do they give a Nobel Prize for attempted chemistry?"
	--Sideshow Bob