Subject: Re: NetBSD + DEBIAN-LINUX
To: Todd Gruhns Acct <>
From: John Goerzen <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 01/08/2002 08:58:51
The easiest way to boot both is to use GRUB.

You can install it from Debian (just run apt-get install grub) or from
NetBSD using my package (built for -current) at

You will not need any other bootloader in this case.  You can chain to
the NetBSD partition or have GRUB load the kernel directly (it
understands BSD disklabel and ffs).

GRUB is also far better than LILO for booting Linux.

-- John

Todd Gruhns Acct <> writes:

> I just got DBIAN LINUX add to my Pentium 11/233 --
> so the first disk has NetBSD, and the second disk has DEBIAN LINUX.
> Both are IDE. Is it possible to use the NetBSD boot loader to boot
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