Subject: Re: Tin swallows eight-bit chars
To: NetBSD/users <>
From: Iggy Drougge <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 01/05/2002 13:27:14
Thomas Mueller skrev:

>from:Iggy Drougge <>:

>> I installed tin-1.4.19981225 from the package collection a while ago. I
>  solved the config by copying the working tinrc from my ISP account (A
>  Linux machine, mind you). But one problem remains. It won't display
>  eight-bit characters! It works fine in Pine, Pico and the MOTD. When I
>  make followups in Pico, every ÅÄÖ is correct, but back in tin, they're
>  displayed as question marks.
>  Setting $LC_ALL=iso_8859_1 does nothing. The default character set in
>  tinrc is ISO-8859-1.
>> Even curioser, in the main group list, eight-bit characters in the group
>  comment display as the should. But in the topics list and the article
>  view, there are only question marks.

>This version of tin looks like slightly over three years old.  Could you try
>a newer version?  Would 8-bit characters still not display right?  Does Pine
>and Pico correctly display 8-bit characters in ISO-8859-1?

I pkg_deleted the old tin and installed 1.4.2, the latest release in the
package collection for NetBSD 1.4.x/pmax.
Pine and Pico have perfect eight-bit support, at least after I told Pine that
the default charset was ISO-8859-1 and ran "stty -istrip" in /etc/rc.local and
/etc/profile. I wrote the last mail in Pine, in fact.

En ligne avec Thor 2.6a.

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